About us


 SWARA PAITHANIwas inspired and developed with aspirations. Its an ambitious project not a secret anymore to anyone. We aim to provide our customers "QUALITY" not compromised. I grow watching my mother and grandmother drapping saree and flaunting around. The elegance and royalistic feel of this divine traditional wear is absolutely, purely beyond words that cannot be explained unless you are dressed with it.

The quench to explore more about this divine wear, gave me deeper and deeper insight of the product. More I explored more I understood the srumptiousness of "Paithani". The fabric, The texture, The Silk, The carvings, ( nakashi ) and nevertheless something that goes without saying is the ART & EFFORTS involved in this beautiful piece of artefact which has immense historical and cultural value.

The idea to make my business stand out and introduce to my customers "THE REAL PAITHANI" occured to me when I saw that market is flooded with not so real paithani. The crisp of this business lies in identifying / recognizing "THE REAL PAITHANI". Our merchandised is sourced from genuine craftsman & handloom weaver.